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Net4Mobility+ Webinars

MSCA COFUND 2020 Webinar

The COFUND scheme aims to stimulate regional, national or international programmes to foster
excellence in researchers' training, mobility and career development,
COFUND takes the form of:
- Doctoral programmes: Doctoral programmes address the development and broadening of the research
competencies of early-stage researchers. Substantial training modules, including digital ones,
addressing key transferable skills common to all fields and fostering the culture of Open Science,
innovation and entrepreneurship will be supported.
- Fellowship programmes: Fellowship programmes fund individual research training and career
development fellowships for experienced researchers

MSCA ITN 2020 Webinar

At the webinar we will go through the Innovative Training Networks instrument, provide you also with tips for writing your application and present experiences from previous Innovative Training Networks calls. 
After the webinar you will be able to understand the rules and requirements of Innovative Training Networks and you will be able to address the different sections in the proposal template

MSCA IF & COFUND 2019 Webinar

This 1 hour webinar will introduce the MSCA with a specific focus on the 2019 calls Individual Fellowship “IF” and “Co-Fund” Schemes which aim to enhance the creative and innovative potential of experienced researchers of any nationality and stimulate regional, national and international programmes to foster excellence in researchers’ training,
mobility and career development

MSCA RISE 2019 Webinar

This 1 hour webinar will introduce the MSCA Actions with a specific focus on a current open call “RISE” which promotes international and cross-sector collaboration through exchanging research and innovation staff.
This offer is designed for interested applicants from the targeted region