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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) National Contact Points (NCP)

Upcoming Events

24-25 March 2020

Next Transferable Skills Training

Dublin, Ireland

Events & Meetings

Twinning for MSCA National Contact Points

MSCA NCP can participate to twinnings to facilitate the exchange of knowledge.
Contact: Georgia Kleanthous 

Training on NCP transferable skills

4 trainings for MSCA National Contact Points on transferable skills will be organised. 
1) Train the Trainer - 28 January 2019, Bern
2) Time Mangement - 28 June 2019, Timisoara​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Training in Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Issue

4 trainings on Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions issues will be organised during the project. 

1) IF - 26-27 March 2019, Venice
2) Project Reporting & Audit - 25-26 June 2019, Timisoara

Cross-Cutting Trainings

4 Cross-cutting Trainings will be organised during the project. 
1) RRI - 26 January 2019, Bern
2) Open Science & Open Data, 28-29 March 2019, Venice

REA-EC-NCP Working Group

This Working Group exchange of practical issues between the REA, DG EAC. 
Contact for WG: Kristin Kraav, ETAG 

Project Meeting

The project organised several meetings (e.g. KoM, NCP Forum etc) in order to inform the MSCA NCP about the project evolution.
1) Kick Off Meeting​​​​​​​


The Train-the-Trainers Workshops will provide insight on how to prepare your training and be a good trainer. 
Trainings that tooked place:

  • ITN Proposal Writing, Tunis - 2018
  • RISE Proposal Writing, Podgorica - 2018
  • IF Proposal Writing, Yerevan - 2019

Meet & Exchange Workshop

One-day workshops will focus on the needs of the “widening countries”, but they will also concern topics from which other NCPs can also benefit.

1) NCP Forum & Meet and Exchange Workshop, 17-18 June 2019, Vienna


National Contact Point Survey

The Net4Mobility+ Questionnaire will allow to design the project activities. Link to the questionnaire

Google Group & FAQ Blog

A MSCA NCP can be part of the Google Group. The knowledge is then disseminated via the FAQ Blog.

New NCP Welcome Package

Newcomers Welcome Package provides valuable information about the Net4Mobility+ project activities.

Guidelines on using the EEN database

This document will inform you on how to use the EEN database in your MSCA work.
Link to the Guidelines

MSC Actions Evolution Guide

This document is a "MSCA Call Overview". 

Available for MSCA NCPs on  Intranet

MSC Actions Call Statistics

Graphs with information on the latest MSCA Calls statistics are now available:

IF 2017  - IF 2018  - COFUND 2017  - COFUND 2018 - ITN 2018 - RISE 2018 - NIGHT 2018

Guidelines for collaboration with researchers networks

The purpose of this document is to provide NCPSs with recommendations on how to collaborate with researchers´ networks in order to better promote the MSCA.
Link to the Guidlines

Promotion Material

Project Logo

The project can be download under several formats here.

Project Banner

The Project Banner can be upload under several formats here.

Project Slides

You can find a slide for the MSCA NCP and on for your clients